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Our Team

Clinical Care Teams


Provider:  Eric Kerr, PA

Nurse:  Suzy Delmege, RN

Patient Advocate:  Theresa Mills


We serve our patients through our combined strengths.  We are caring and compassionate, and pray for the needs of our patients.  We serve each other by praying together and sharing personal challenges so we can be supportive of each other in difficult situations.  We contribute to the mission of His Branches by trusting God to shape, mold, and grow us. We hope to help His Branches flourish.


Provider:  Matthew Mack, MD

Nurse:  Dorcas Green, RN

Patient Advocate:  Regina Gonzalez


We serve our patients by praying for and with them.  We serve each other by maintaining a unified stance. We communicate constantly and openly, listen and seek to understand each other, and consider the needs of the other over our own.  We contribute to the mission of His Branches by modeling Christian love among ourselves and with our patients. We believe in hope, healing, restoration, and freedom for our patients


Provider:  Alicea Reeves, PA

Nurse:  Justine Hoffman, RN

Patient Advocate:  Susan Kerr


We serve our patients by being genuinely invested in their well-being and treating them with a holistic approach.  We serve our each other by working as a team to serve our patients, jumping in when needed, and recognizing the value of what each person brings to the table.  We contribute to the mission of his branches by showing love to each person in every interaction.

Nursing Team

Suzy Delmege, RN

Dorcas Green, RN

Justine Hoffman, RN

Jenai Lawton, MA

Debbie Ramsey, RN

Jennifer Wolford, RN, Nurse Manager

Debby Ramsey

We serve our patients by sharing responsibilities as a team to meet our patient’s individual needs.  We try to convey caring and compassion, be receptive to our patient’s opinions and thoughts, and do our best to advocate for them.  We serve each other by really listening, valuing each point of view, communicating respectfully and honestly, and praying for each other.  We all take initiative, jumping in wherever needed. We contribute to the mission of His Branches through our dedication to the profession of nursing and daily intercessory prayer for our patients.  We keep our focus on the Lord instead of daily tasks, trusting in this adventure and His plan for His Branches.


Embracing Options Team

Becky Bauman, Administrative Assistant

Diane Braun, Embracing Options Director

Brenda Miller, Embracing Options Center Director


We serve our clients by working as a team with dedicated volunteers to meet the individual needs of the men and women who walk through our door.  We serve each other by beginning each day with prayer to prepare our hearts to meet the challenges of the day. We contribute to the mission of His Branches by offering help, hope, and healing through the life-transforming work of the Gospel in a safe and confidential way.


Clinical Support Team

Crystal Griffin, Outreach Specialist

Susan Kerr, Office Manager

Valerie Scuorzo, Practice Manager

Gloria Ward, Billing Manager

Judith Jones, Patient Advocate


We serve our patients by conferring dignity as we work with them on their financial challenges and concerns.  We reach out to patients with caring and compassion to help them gain access to great healthcare and health insurance.  We pray for our patient’s good health outcomes. We serve each other by listening, being supportive and collaborative, and praying with each other.  We contribute to the mission of His Branches by seeking to become an outward manifestation of God’s love for the world.

We also have:


Facilities Manager

Greg Ramsey


Care Managers and Jenai Lawton are on all clinical care teams.

Administration and Finance Team

Maria Dewhirst, Center Administrator

Janet Thirlby, Executive Director

Norm Welch, Controller


We serve our clients, staff and board by being servants to the mission and envisioned future of His Branches. We strive to provide strategic leadership, operational oversight, and financial stewardship. We serve each other by being sensitive to how we support each other’s gifts and daily challenges. We contribute to the mission of His Branches by integrating faith in everything we do, and striving to live our shared values every day.


You are the most important person on the team!  You will get the best care if you participate actively with your whole care team.  Tell your team what is working for you and what is not. Work with them to track your progress, and let them know if you have questions or concerns about your care.