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His Branches Wellness

is made up of programs and services that enrich and facilitate the health and well-being of our communities and the people who live in them.

Healthy Me!

Healthy Me!  is a program designed to help our patients take better control of their health.  Patients can enroll in two different series that are completely free:


    • Group learning sessions where patients with chronic conditions such as diabetes or cardiovascular disease meet with their provider or other experts to learn about ways to get healthy and stay healthy.  After every session, participants receive a voucher to the Foodlink Curbside Market parked outside the clinic during the session.


    • Cooking Matters is a six-week, interactive cooking class where participants learn chopping, dicing, and mincing like a chef, creating healthy meals, reading and comparing food labels, identifying whole grains, and shopping on a budget.  Each week participants receive a bag of groceries to take home to prepare the meal they learned about in class.  Participants also receive vouchers to the Foodlink Curbside market and goodies such as a book with nutritional information and delicious recipes, cooking tools, and a graduation certificate.


Healthy Me!  is sponsored by His Branches, Foodlink, and the Farash Foundation

Hillside Work Scholars

 Hillside Work Scholars program is a collaborative partnership with East High School.

    • Students visit the clinic weekly, engaging in dynamic health related discussions on topics such as substance abuse, sexual health, depression, and suicide.
    • The students have learned health skills like taking pulses and blood pressures, and were empowered to use these new skills in a health fair in their own neighborhood.